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Home Computer Forensic Services

 What are Computer Forensic Services ?

Collection and observation:
  • Logging unauthorized user actions such as hacking.
  • Locating computer tracking and preventing commercial espionage.
  • Electronic tracking.
  • Data collection from online sources on the Internet.
  • Customized technological solutions.


  • Analysis of collected evidence.
  • Recovery of deleted or destroyed data, providing an informative foundation for investigative analysis.
  • Cracking file and operating system passwords, which have been appropriated by unauthorized users to conceal their activities.
  • Professional consulting services in investigations involving advanced computer technologies.
  • Preparing depositions and expert testimonies in legal proceedings involving computer offenses.

Forensic computer services are restricted to reputable investigation agencies.

We are taking care of complete confidentiality of our clients, considering their special needs, including providing service any time - any place.

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